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    Arts, Culture and Entertainment provides students an array of opportunities to expand, enhance, and explore the areas of Arts, Culture and Entertainment. This is done through visual arts and crafts workshops, performances, excursions incorporating artists and/or personalized crafts and/or local cultural excursions to Shanghai and around Jiangsu Province plus one of DKU’s signature programs, the Arts & Music Festival Week.

    • DKU Arts & Music Festival

    Arts & Music Festival lasts for a week with panel discussions, workshops, exhibition, music festival and Art for Charity. It encourages the DKU community to connect and interact via varies creative mediums, and also provides the opportunity to build a bridge between the university, local communities and citizens of Kunshan City.

    • DKU ArtBus

    ArtBus is a monthly excursion program founded by the Student Involvement Team bringing the art-curious to captivating arts locations around Jiangsu and Shanghai area. These monthly excursions include a day of exclusive tours and experiences at Shanghai/Jiangsu’s premier art museums, galleries, theaters, etc. You will be able to check out the most talked-about exhibitions of the season, join exhibition openings, and meet with museum curators and artists to get an insider’s view of the flourishing art scene in Contemporary China especially Shanghai and Jiangsu Province. Interested in hosting DKU ArtBus at your arts organization? Contact us at

    • Creative Makers’ Studio

    Creative Makers’ Studio hosts weekly art and crafts workshops led and supervised by students and artists on different topics of art and crafts. We hope that the students could explore more of the surrounding world through hands-on participations. Join us as a workshop supervisor on arts related topics and bring your peers into your art world.

    • Jiangsu Culture Exploration

    Co-organized by Student Involvement and International Student Services, this series provides cultural exploration events of the Jiangsu local culture and include workshops, lectures, excursions and more.

    • Art November

    Explore an artistic Shanghai during the month of November with art fairs, exhibitions and gallery visits to get an insider view and comprehensive experience of the art scene in Shanghai!

    • Arts Newsletters

    Duke Kunshan Arts Newsletter is a bi-weekly arts and culture related newsletter which aims to develop students’ awareness and appreciation of arts, while connecting and unify students via arts and culture. In the feature “Arts Tour with”, we invite students to recommend arts institutions/exhibitions/museums/festivals/events in their regions and countries. We look forward to your involvement and please submit via our link here!
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