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    Student clubs and organizations are an exciting and important part of the Duke Kunshan University experience, not only to serve the diverse needs and interests of our students, connect everybody outside their classrooms, but also to provide leadership skills development and opportunities, as well as to empower students culturally, socially, and intellectually. DKU has over 60+ student clubs and organizations that are funded and supported by the Office of Student Affairs. All were started by and now are run completely by students abiding by the student clubs and University policies.

    Becoming an official club/organization on campus is only one step away. Contact Campus Engagement as part of the Office of Student Affairs to find out more

    Involvement Expo

    On the first Friday of each semester, the Involvement Expo occurs in the Academic Building were all clubs and organizations are able to showcase what each of them offer for social fun aspects, activities and leadership, aiming to recruit new members to join. This is a great way to kick off the semester and get involved with fellow classmates who shared similar interests and build long-life friendships. For more information on this program and many club activities, please see visit DKU Engage at

    Meetings, Trainings and Workshops

    All clubs offer leadership opportunities for students to expand their ability of being stronger leaders at DKU. To assist in club leadership development, the Office of Student Affairs offers officers and their advisors required trainings and workshops to attend in which the club policies and regulations are explained and reviewed plus individual optional ones on soft skills.

    Club Roster

    DKU has over 60+ student clubs and organizations, of which an alphabetical updated list can be found by clicking “here”.

    Student Clubs and Organization Handbook

    The student clubs and organizations handbook is the official guiding resource for all officially recognized and upcoming groups. This handbook has all required policies and procedures for groups to follow, including other resources to guide in their management of their student clubs.

    Coming soon in Spring 2021, prior to start of Chinese New Year Break.

    Creating a New Club

    If you are interested in creating a new club that is not currently on the Club Roster, please refer to the handbook and/or reach out to us at

    For ideas on new clubs, completing the steps and process, or just questions, please email us at Our staff will be in touch with you.

    Office Hours (Walk-in/Open Hours) for Clubs, RH200C, 2 hours per day

    Monday 3-5pm
    Tuesday 2-4pm
    Wednesday 2-4pm
    Thursday 3-5pm
    Friday 2-4pm

    If you have any further questions or would like more information on clubs and organizations, please send an email to