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    CAPS is located in the Service Building, Room 1024.  


    Counseling and Psychological Services provides a wide range of services toward meeting the mental health and student development needs of DKU students.  We don’t simply understand those needs in terms of individual students.  We also recognize the importance of addressing the life issues of particular student communities and the Duke Kunshan University campus community, overall.

    In terms of individual clinical issues, staff members provide confidential assessment and brief counseling/therapy for students whose concerns range from the normal challenges of everyday life to more disruptive psychological concerns to concerns about friends or family members. Problems as listed below are all appropriate for you to speak with a counselor.

    • Academic performance
    • Family, friend and partner relationships
    • Self-esteem
    • Stress
    • Loss of an important relationship
    • Illness or death of a loved one
    • Sexual orientation
    • Problems with Depression or Anxiety
    • Eating and body image concerns
    • Sexual assault and violence
    • Race, ethnicity, nationality, or other cultural identity
    • Gender identity

    Format of the services

    • Individual Counseling
    • Group Counseling
    • Consultation
    • Outreach services
    • For questions or to schedule an appointment, call 3665-7211


    • What is Mental Health
    • Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction
    • Intercultural Communication
    • Time Management
    • Managing your stress and Emotions;
    • Assertive Communication skill and Conflict resolution
    • Building intimate Relationship
    • Preventing Academic Burnout

    Wellness programs


    Confidentiality and Privacy

    CAPS takes students' privacy very seriously, and our personal and professional ethics guide us in ensuring that the services students receive here remain confidential.  Information revealed in counseling, even the information that you have made an appointment, is not disclosed to others unless you provide written authorization for that information to be released.

    The exceptions to this practice are:

    • When a counselor believes you present an imminent danger to yourself or others.
    • When a counselor believes the life or safety of a readily identifiable third person is endangered.
    • When a counselor believes that a child or vulnerable adult is being subjected to abuse, neglect, or exploitation
    • When disclosure is made necessary by legal proceedings.


    The mission of CAPS is to enhance the education of students by addressing their mental health concerns and promoting their healthy emotional and social development. CAPS is committed to creating a safe, just and equitable learning environment in the university community.


    It is the vision of CAPS that all DKU students be a part of a learning community that is educationally inspiring, physically and psychologically safe, and accessible and accepting of all gender expressions and identities, of all races, ethnicities, nationalities, faith communities and sexual orientations.  It is envisioned that CAPS will provide excellent assistance to the distressed and injured, aid in eradicating those situations and conditions that result in psychological problems, and will promote and nurture positive mental health and happiness on the Duke Kunshan campus.

    Role and Functions

    CAPS’ role and functions flow from core competencies in mental health services, consultation, outreach, developmental programming, training, and research. Its role is intended to be carried out by specialists who specialize in the psychological development and treatment needs of a multicultural, emerging adult student population.



    • Provide and maintain awareness in the DKU community of the clinical, consultative, and student development functions of CAPS that support the overall mission of Student Affairs and DKU.
    • Ensure that the diverse needs of the DKU student population are met by CAPS through its clinical, consultative, training, outreach services, research and programming.
    • Provide CAPS services for high-risk students and those who are concerned about them.
    • Offer an expanded continuum of services and collaboration with others for student personal growth, targeting emotional intelligence skills for self and interpersonal knowledge and understanding in a multicultural world.
    • Continuously implement high standards of care and quality assurance for all treatment services, and provide opportunities for professional development of staff core competencies focused on the clinical and developmental needs of emerging adults in a multicultural environment.

    Student Policy and Procedures  

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