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Housing and Residence Life


    Undergraduate Housing

    Welcome to the Duke Kunshan First-Year Housing Community! All first year students are required to stay on campus and will reside in the Conference Center third and fourth floors, and Residence Hall blocks 1 and 2.

    The Residence Life team provides assistance, support and opportunities for a smooth adjustment to this new environment. We are here to support your learning, development, and growth in a close-knit, safe, inclusive and supportive living and learning community. The First-Year Residential Experience not only includes themed communities that allow students to explore common interests but provides the platform for faculty and students to interact outside the classroom. You will connect, bond and support one another to become the best versions of yourselves academically, socially, personally, physically and emotionally.

    Theme Communities

    Theme Communities are special residential communities co-sponsored by Student Affairs and faculty members. They allow students to benefit from being part of a smaller and closer-knit residential community whom share a common interest. These communities offer a variety of opportunities that integrate living and learning, allowing students to see that the world is a classroom for exploration, reflection, and endless learning. Possible activities include field trips, retreats, workshops, faculty dinners, leadership activities and daily living with roommates and neighbors who share the same interest.

    We will open up the International House in fall semester, and this living-community will primarily live in one wing of the Conference Center. You can apply for the International House theme community when completing your housing application.

    International House purpose:

    • Bring students of all nationalities together to learn from each another through meaningful exchanges and interactions. Community members can choose and will be given priority to live in shared bedrooms with people of a different culture.
    • Provide students a great opportunity to experience different cultures, meet people from all over the world, and share their own culture with others. Residents organize programs on global issues for the campus and community, providing a forum for the exchange of ideas and dialogue about international events and cross-cultural learning opportunities.

    Graduate Housing

    Graduate student housing is available on campus in the Residence Hall block 3 and block 4. Residence Life supports graduate students in academic learning and facilitates interpersonal and intercultural exchange outside the classroom. This safe and comfortable living environment and the diverse and inclusive community provides students a home away from home living experience and lifelong friendships that will not be gained elsewhere. The Graduate Resident Fellows organize a range of social, cultural, educational, and stress reduction programs throughout the academic year, in the hall.



    Conference Center:

    All rooms in the Conference Center are double rooms to be shared by two students of the same gender. A double room has a bunk bed, bathroom with shower, a study desk, a chair, a reading lamp, a waste basket and a closet for each resident, drinking water faucet, air-conditioning and WiFi.

    The Conference Center has eight group study spaces (3F/4F) along the corridor, two quiet study rooms (3F/4F), two social lounges (4F) and a fitness center (2F/3F) with treadmill, stationary bikes, weight machines and a workout studio. It also has two laundry rooms with washers and dryers (3F/4F),

    Residence Hall:

    All suites are accessible from the second floor and in some suites, the bedrooms are on the third floor, while others are on the first floor. Suites have a living room, four private single bedrooms (or one two-bed bedroom and two single bedrooms) and two bathrooms with showers. Amenities in a suite include a sofa, a TV, a lamp, a dining table, four chairs, a study desk, a chair, a reading lamp and a waste basket for each resident, a single bed (two single beds in double rooms), a closet (two closets in a double room), cleaning tools, and drinking water faucet at the sink. All suites and common areas are covered by WiFi.

    The Residence Hall has eight team rooms for self- and group-study, two lounges, single stalled bathrooms (1F/2F), two game rooms (with TV, Ping-Pong table, air hockey, foosball, board games, and a piano in block 1), a laundry room with washers and dryers, communal refrigerators (2F) and microwaves (1F), outdoor and covered bike storage, e-print, and the Student Affairs Offices on the first floor by the main entry and on the second floor (the Associate Dean’s Office).


    Facility and Maintenance Issues

    Students can report facility and maintenance issues (including pest issues) to Housing by submitting a maintenance request HERE. For any Housing service issues, students should email dkuhousing@dukekunshan.edu.cn. The office is opened from 9am-5:30pm, Monday-Friday, excluding public holidays. For after-hour urgent facility and maintenance issues, students can call the RA duty phone for assistance.

    Internet and Printer Issues

    If students experience issues with internet or printers in the rooms, suites or common areas, please email service-desk@dukekunshan.edu.cn.


    During office hours, 9am-5:30pm Monday to Friday, students can go to the 1F or 2F Student Affairs Office for assistance. After-hours, 5:30pm-9am next day, Monday to Friday and on weekends 24-7, students can call the RA duty phone for assistance.

    Borrowing Equipment

    Vacuum cleaners, mosquito bats, and sports equipment can be checked out from the first floor Student Affairs Office help desk during its operating hours. After-hours, students can call the RA duty phone for assistance.

    Rental Refrigerator

    Students can rent a mini refrigerator for use in their Conference Center room and in Residence Hall suites. Students who would like to rent a mini refrigerator can complete a rental refrigerator application from HERE. The yearly rental fee will be equally divided among all roommates and deducted from each student’s campus deposit.

    Medical Accommodation

    Students can request an ADA room with a physician’s note justifying the medical accommodation and including a start and end date. Students will return to his/her original room after recovery. Other room change requests that involve roommate/suitemates issues should be resolved through communication between the roommates/suitemates or by seeking help from Residence Life staff, including RAs/GRFs.


    Mail and packages can be fetched from the mailroom in the Service Building, self-service 24/7. Manual service is also available from 9:00am-6:00pm on working days. Due to the limited storage space available on campus, students are not allowed to mail any luggage to campus prior to arrival.


    Housing Application

    The Housing application for 2018-2019 school year is show below:

    June 25, 2018-July 8, 2018First-year undergraduate international students
    July 16, 2018-July 29, 2018First-year undergraduate mainland Chinese and Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan students
    June 25, 2018-July 8, 2018Graduate students (new and returning)

    Students will be paired based on similar living habits and lifestyles. First-year students can indicate preference to be assigned in the Conference Center or the Residence Hall. Students preferring to be housed in the Residence Hall also have the opportunity to list preference for either a single or double bedroom. Graduate students are housed in the Residence Hall, can list a preference for a single or double bedroom, and can request ONE specific suitemate whom they prefer to be assigned with based on mutual agreement.


    Student Leadership Opportunities

    Resident Assistants (RAs) and Graduate Resident Fellows (GRFs) are student leaders who live on the floor to serve as the primary resource for students, provide peer assistance on academic, social and personal issues, ensure the health and safety of residents, and build a positive community on their floors and in the residence halls. RAs mainly work with undergraduate students while GRFs support graduate students. The position appointments are for the academic year (August-May). The RA position is open to upper-class students, including sophomores, juniors and seniors, and the GRF position is open to graduate students.

    Each year RAs and GRFs are assigned to specific residential areas. These areas consist of first-year housing (on-campus Residence Hall and Conference Center), sophomore housing (off-campus Scholars Hotel) and graduate students housing (on-campus Residence Hall). RAs and GRFs will be assigned to a specific residential area for the academic year and Residence Life takes multiple factors into consideration when deciding on staff placement each year. The RAs for first-year students will oversee approximately 33 residents while RAs for sophomores will oversee approximately 38 residents on each floor. GRFs are usually assigned 35 residents. More detailed roles and responsibilities are available in the RA Job Description and GRF Job Description.

    RAs and GRFs receive single-room remuneration, meal allowance and monthly stipend, with detailed benefits listed in the job descriptions. Apart from these benefits, RAs and GRFs also receive diverse opportunities to develop soft skills, interact and collaborate with staff and faculty around the campus and beyond, as well as shaping the residential culture for all students.

    Interested in serving as an RA for 2019-2020? Follow the application process and apply now!

    Jan. 11-31, 2019Fill out the RA/GRF Application and have two reference letters sent directly from professors, supervisors, or co-workers to residencelife@dukekunshan.edu.cn by Jan. 31, 2019, 11:59PM.
    Mid-Feb.-End-of-Feb., 2019Residence Life will notify shortlisted candidates for interviews.
    Early Mar., 2019Residence Life will announce selection results and area assignments.

    GRF recruitment will start in June and more detailed information will be available in the coming months.



    The undergraduate student check-in station is located in the Conference Center lobby. The graduate student check-in station is located in the Residence Hall first floor. To check in, students should complete the following steps:

    • Scan national ID cards/passports.
    • Receive the student ID card.
    • Check into the room, inspect for any missing items, damages, maintenance and/or cleaning issues in the rooms and suite and sign off on the Inventory Form.

    Wondering what to bring with you to campus? Check out the list of suggested items on the Packing Checklist.


    The residential community at Duke Kunshan University values mutual respect and self-responsibility. To establish and maintain such community, all students are held accountable for their actions. It is important for individuals to read and understand the living expectations and policies in the Housing Agreement and Duke Kunshan University Student Handbook.

    Housing Calendar

    Aug. 6th, 2019RAs and GRFs arrival
    Aug. 7th-11th, 2018RAs and GRFs training
    Aug. 13th, 2018, 9AM-6PMMove-in date for undergraduate students
    Aug. 18th, 2018, 9AM-6PMMove-in date for graduate  students (incl. new and returning)
    Dec. 22nd NOON, 2018Residence halls close for winter break
    Jan. 2nd 9AM, 2019Residence halls re-open
    Jan. 4th-5th,   2019Move-in dates for MMS students
    Feb. 3rd 5:30pm-Feb.   10th 5:30pmResidence halls close for  Chinese New Year Holiday
    April 27th NOON, 2019Graduate students check out 
    May 4th NOON, 2019International and HMT  undergraduate students check out
    July 7th NOON, 2019Chinese mainland undergraduate students check out and  residence halls close for summer break