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Housing and Residence Life


Student Housing


    Residence life oversees student housing and strives to create a safe, healthy, comfortable, and eco-friendly living environment for all students. Our goal is to support student learning outside the classroom, ensure students’ physical and psychological wellness, and facilitate students in developing self-responsibility. Based on principles of respect, responsibility and diversity, residence Life aims at developing a community and establishing a sense of belonging in each resident.

    Living on campus and bonding with others outside the classroom is a key component of students’ life on campus. With this said, Duke Kunshan University requires all students to live on campus for at least one semester. Graduate students may live off-campus after approval from Residence Life and having submitted the Off-Campus Housing Request and Release Form. During the semester, student planning to travel and stay off campus for more than 3 days need to fill out the Absence From Campus for Personal Travel Form and email it to before departing.

    Resident Assistants (RAs) and Graduate Resident Fellows (GRFs) are peer student leaders selected and trained to handle emergencies and other issues pertinent to college students. Currently, they receive housing remuneration for their work. The RAs/GRFs play the role of peer mentors, serve as the primary resource for students, assist residents with both personal and academic concerns, and organize all types of programs and activities to facilitate interpersonal and intercultural exchange.


    Residential Suites

    Located on the northern part of the campus bordering the central water feature, the student residential complex is comprisedof three buildings connected by two bridges. The residence hall has many team rooms for self- and group-study, a coffee bar, student lounges, game room (with Ping-Pong table, air hockey and foosball), a laundry room with washers and dryers, communal fridges and microwaves, and the Student Affairs Office on the first floor by the main entry and on the second floor (the Associate Dean’s Office).

    Typical suites have a living room, four private single bedrooms (or one two-bed bedroom and two single bedrooms) and two bathrooms with showers. You’ll have the opportunity to choose your room type and match yourself with one suitemate/roommate according to the information that you provided on the Suite Assignment Form (SAF). Amenities in a suite include study desks, chairs, lamps, single beds (two single beds in double rooms), closets, TVs, kettles, waste baskets, cleaning tools, and drinking water faucet at the sink. All suites and common areas are covered by free WiFi Vacuum cleaners, mosquito bats, and sports equipment can be checked out from the RAs/GRFs upon request.

    Students can request to rent a mini-fridge for their own suite for the semester by the end of first week of class. Due to the limited number of mini-fridge, it’s reserved on a first-come, first-served basis. Based on mutual agreement among all suitemates, students should submit the Residential Rental Fridge Agreement to and pay the rental fee and deposit before the installation.

    For facility related issues in the room, suite or common areas in the residence hall, please fill out the Student Residence Facility Service Request Form and submit it to or drop off hard copy at the 1F/2F Student Affairs Office (9am-5:30pm, Mon-Fri); during after-hours (5:30pm-9am next day, Mon-Fri and weekends), please call the RA duty phone and submit the complete form to the RA on duty. 


    Apply for Housing

    Housing application is open every semester. Housing rate for a single bedroom is RMB8000 per semester and a double bedroom (with two single beds) is RMB6000 per person per semester. On the Suite Assignment Form (SAF), you have the opportunity to choose either single or double bedroom. As the number of double bedrooms are limited, it’s assigned on a first come first served basis. Housing will make all efforts to meet the preferences indicated on your SAF and match you up with suitemates/roommates sharing similar living habits and interests, but there’s no guarantee that all of your requests will be granted. You may know who your suitemates/roommates are upon arrival. The general application process is:  

    1. Download the Suite Assignment Form and Emergency Contact Information Form.
    2. Complete the forms and email them to by November 27th, 2016 (MMS students) and January 13th, 2017 (Spring semester).

      Important Housing Dates: 

      May 20, 2017 GH, MP and MMS students check-out
      June 11, 2017   GLS students check-out by 12PM
      August 20, 2017 Residence Hall re-opens for returning students, International and Graduate students check-in from 9AM-6PM
      August 21, 2017 GLS PRC students check-in from 9AM-6PM
      December 21, 2017 GLS students check-out by 12PM
      December 22, 2017 All graduate students check-out by 5:30PM
      December 23, 2017-January 3, 2018 Residence Hall closure for winter break
      January 4, 2018, Residence Hall re-opens for returning graduate students from 9AM
      January 6-7, 2017, MMS students check-in from 9AM-6PM
      February 14, 2018, 5:30PM-February 22, 2018, 9AM Residence hall closure during Chinese New Year Holiday
      February 22, 2018 GLS international students check-in from 9AM-6PM
      February 23, 2018 GLS Chinese students check-in from 9AM-6PM
      May 19, 2018, GH, MP and MMS students check-out by 5:30PM
      June 16, 2018 GLS students check-out by 12PM



    The check-in stations are located in the student residence hall. To check in students should complete the following steps:

    • Scan Passport/Chinese ID card
    • Check student ID card access
    • Complete Participation Agreement
    • Complete the Room Inventory Form and Housing Agreement with the Resident Assistants/Gradate Resident Fellows

    At check-in, students also receive important information including:

    • Orientation schedule
    • Welcome bag
    • Welcome folder

    What to Bring

    We recommend that you bring the following items, which are also purchasable from the campus mini-mart (8 am - 8 pm) and nearby supermarket:

    • Your own set of beddings (mattress size 965mm W 2030mm L 300mm H), include pillows, pillow cases, blankets, sheets, and wash towels.
    • Toiletries, e.g. toilet paper, shampoo and body wash, soap, toothbrush and tooth paste, lotion and moisturizer, nail clipper, and hair dryer, etc.
    • Room supplies, e.g. trash bags, clothes hangers, and storage boxes.
    • Laundry supplies, e.g. laundry detergent and laundry bags.
    • First aid kit (which is also accessible at the 2F student lounge, hallways between Block 1&2, and Block 3&4 and from the RAs/GRFs).
    • Study materials, include laptop, charger, phone, and camera.

    What Not to Bring

    To ensure students’ health and safety in the residence hall, the following items are prohibited:

    • Flammable decorations (e.g. candles, mosquito incense) and appliances, or other devices that may be deemed a fire hazard, include toasters, toaster ovens, hot plates, grills, rice cookers, heaters.
    • Other electric appliances, such as hair straightener, microwave (provided), refrigerator (provided), washing machine (provided), dryers (provided) and iron (provided).
    • Weapons (include fireworks).
    • Alcohol, drugs of any kind or smoking devices.
    • Pets of any kind.
    • Excessive amounts of decorative materials, e.g. posters and pictures (which can only be put on the bulletin wall in suites and outside each suite with paper tape available from the RAs/GRFs). 


    Before you leave the residence hall, there are a few things that should be taken care of:

    • Schedule a check-out date and time with your assigned RA/GRF.
    • Remove all personal belongings and thoroughly clean your suite (including bedroom, bathroom, and living room) prior to check-out, including garbage, posters, hooks etc.
    • Return any rental or borrowed equipment to the Student Affairs Office. Instruction to return the rental mini-fridge will be emailed to renters.
    • Properly arrange furniture to its original places.
    • Lights and air conditioning turned off, windows closed.
    • Complete check-out form with the RA/GRF.
    • Mailing address updated. Mailing forwarding service is not currently provided.

    Resident Assistants/Graduate Resident Fellows

    A Resident Assistant (RA) is an undergraduate student and Graduate Resident Fellow (GRF) is a graduate student, who live on the residence hall floor to serve as the primary resource for students, help students with both academic and personal concerns, build a positive community on their floor and within the residential suites, and facilitate intercultural exchange. The RA position is for one semester, while the GRF position is for one academic year. The RA team consists of four members, and are trained throughout the semester, on topics of roles and responsibilities, sexual harassment, preventive mental health, time management and team work. These training sessions equip the RAs/GRFs with essential skills to ensure the health and safety of residents, and to provide peer help on academic, social and personal issues.

    INTERESTED IN BECOMING AN RA/GRF? Check out the detailed RA Job Description and GRF Job Description and apply NOW! The application process is:

    1. Fill out the RA/GRF Application Form.
    2. Collect all supporting documents, including response to the questions listed on the application form, vita/resume, two reference letters to be sent directly from professors, supervisors, or co-workers, who can recommend you to the position according to the responsibilities on the job description.
    3. Email your application form and supporting documents to before July 1st, 2017.