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Student Activities and Involvement


    Duke Kunshan University creates involvement opportunities by offering programs that encourage co-curricular learning, community involvement, arts & culture exploration and personal development; along with support, that enhances the student experience throughout their time here at the university.

    Looking to get connected on campus and meet new people? Then Student Activities and Involvement is the place for you! You'll be able to find your fit on campus.

    Arts and Culture Programs

    • Arts Festival

      DKU Arts Festival 2018 lasted for a week with panel discussions, workshops, exhibition, music festival and Art for Charity. The aims to encourage the DKU community to connect and interact via varies creative mediums in art, which will also provide the opportunity to build a bridge between the university, local communities and citizens of Kunshan City.

    • DKU ArtBus

      DKU ArtBus is series of monthly excursions founded by the Student Involvement Office which takes brings the art-curious to captivating arts locations around Jiangsu and Shanghai area. These excursions include exclusive tours and experiences at Shanghai/Jiangsu’s premier art museums, galleries, exclusive art spaces, etc. You will be able to check out the most talked-about exhibitions of the season, join exhibition openings, meet with museum curators, artists and gallery directors, to get an insider’s view of the flourishing art scene in Contemporary China.

    • Sunday Creative Makers’ Studio

      Creative Makers’ Studio hosts weekly art and crafts workshops led and supervised by students/invited artists on different topics of art and crafts. We hope all students can explore more of the surrounding world through hands-on participation.

    • DKU Quest

      DKU Quest's – Exploring China’s Beauty and Mystery is one of DKU’s signature programs aimed at embracing the integration of global and local traditions of thought and experience while promoting cross-cultural understanding by providing each with a unique and memorable excursion experience in China exploring its culture, history, and/or natural offerings.

    • Explore the Beauty of Jiangsu

      Co-organized by the Student Involvement and International Student Services, this is a series allowing for cultural exploration events of the Jiangsu local culture and consists of workshops, lectures, excursions and more. Students will get the chance to experience the most comprehensive local cultural experiences with local craftsmen, researchers and scholars.

    Traditional Events

    We hosts traditional annual events including Halloween Party, Thanksgiving Dinner, Spring Ball and many more throughout the year. Seize these great opportunities to get connected!

    Weekly Events

    Chill with your friends at Thursday DKU Cinema, Friday Slam Poetry Night, Karaoke Open Mic, Game Night, Bubble Soccer Afternoon…