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Student Involvement


    Duke Kunshan University creates involvement opportunities by offering programs that encourage co-curricular learning, community involvement, personal and leadership development, along with support that enhances the student experience throughout their time here at the university.

    Clubs & Organizations


    Student Clubs and Organizations is an exciting and important part of the Duke Kunshan University experience. These opportunities will empower students culturally, socially, and intellectually. They serve the diverse needs and interests of our students, which connects them outside of the classroom, and also provides leadership, management, communication, organizational skills development and opportunities.

    *You will be able to officially start a club in 2019 Spring Semester after attending the Student Organization Academy and Student Leadership Program trainings, more information will be provided during Orientation weeks!


    Duke Kunshan Engage hosts online pages for all of Duke Kunshan University’s clubs and student organizations. Additionally, this online platform is the home to campus wide events and the activities calendar, as well as additional resources and news for getting involved on campus.

    As a Duke Kunshan University Student, you will be able to:

    • Start/join a student organization(s) and club(s)
    • Register for activities and events
    • Manage the membership for your involvement on campus
    • Track your event attendance, co-curricular involvement & private event calendar

    For Club officers and members, you will be able to:

    • Create events on the campus calendar and see events posted by other groups on campus
    • Manage your club roster and membership online
    • Share information, files, and send direct emails with your organizations’ members
    • Build polls and surveys for your membership and the campus
    • Create and fill out forms to manage your group
    • Request funding, manage calendars and event planning, maintain accurate websites, and store group information to help build your organizations and more

    How to Join a Club

    • Go to
    • Log in to your Duke Kunshan Engage account with your Net ID (ex.
    • Click on "Organizations" and you will be able to view the full list of clubs at Duke Kunshan University
    • Click on an organization that you find interesting
    • Click the "Join" button and contact the club.

    Please feel free to contact Student Organizations and Arts Program Coordinator for support!

    How to Start A Club

    • Ensure a similar student group does not already exist
    • Formulate a clear, unique purpose for your group
    • Fill out Student Organization Academy Interest Survey and attend the training sessions
    • Set up a meeting with the Student Organizations and Arts Program Coordinator
    • Meet with your advisor
    • Apply for recognition through Duke Kunshan Engage by clicking “Register an Organization” and filling out the required information

    RAs and GRFs

    Resident Assistants (RAs) and Graduate Resident Fellows (GRFs) are student leaders who live on the floor to serve as the primary resource for students, provide peer help on academic, social and personal issues, ensure the health and safety of residents, and build a positive community in their block and the residence hall. For more detailed information about RAs and GRFs, please visit

    Community Services and Social PracticeNITIES

    Everyone used to have a beautiful dream at a young age, or we all dreamed to become successful and to have the ability to change the world. As we grow up, our dreams in the childhood are gradually forgotten. In the so-call “real” world, those dreams have always been replaced by the pursuit for the improvement of the livelihoods. Have you ever think about the reasons? Actually, the reality is that the social development is so fast that our “young” dreams have already been left behind and disappeared as we stride forward.

    However, the seeds of dreams still exist in our mind. As long as we step up and follow the trend of social development, we are sure to realize our dreams.

    Duke Kunshan University can serve as a good platform for you to realize your dream through community service and social practice, on which the spirit of Duke University, “Knowledge serves the society”, is integrated with the school motto of Wuhan University, “Self-improvement, Perseverance, Truth-seeking, Innovation“. Learning from the professionalism of Western volunteering services, guided by advanced academic research and designed for the needs of social development, our platform renders opportunities to everyone to help them realize the dreams and transform the world. At the same time, our platform is a driving force to blaze a trail of scientific volunteering who fit into the development of both China and our times.

    We have different key characteristic in community service and social practice.

    Community Service: Exploration on Scientific Community Service Modal

    Depending on the strengths of Duke Kunshan University’s research, we scientifically analyzed and looked into the social problems we found, then we got a viable solution. By establishing a four-side sustainable development platform, including schools, enterprises, government and communities, we can boost common growth, and pool the strength from all walks of life of the society to put into practice of our solution. After we achieve success on a small scale, we can roll out the solution on a larger scale. Finally, we are able to solve this social problem.

    This model enables all the participants to share resources, make their own contributions and finally solve the urgent social problems as they improve themselves. At the same time, it gives full play to Duke Kunshan University’s school-operation direction———to lead the future education, and the target of talents cultivation———to cultivate the world citizens with ethnic roots. This platform enables our students to combine what they learn with social practices, and to realize their dreams in the process of solving social problems. Through this model, we connect individual value with social development and the needs of our times. In this way, it can be viewed as a scientific model that can lead the development of future volunteering in a sustainable way.

    You can click HERE for more information about our current community service projects (See in the attachment.) You can also start your own projects to realize your own dream while supporting others and social developments, and DKU will try best to provide you with relative resources and opportunities.

    Social Practice: Exploration on combining Social Practice with Academic Planning

    Duke Kunshan University advocates Liberal Arts Education, based on which students will have no specific majors for the first two years but be acquired of wide knowledge and comprehensive ability to explore the world and solve social problems. Then they will start their major study on the third year and every one of them will have their innovative creation before graduation. The social practice platform we are planning can by chance go smoothly accompanied by the academic planning.

    In the first year, students will be acquired the opportunity to do research in different communities, companies, schools, villages, NGOs, governments, etc, under the lead of professors and off campus mentors. In this way, they can know more about the real world and society, and find their interesting bases to choose the most suitable major for them. On the other hand, they will find out the existent problems to be solved in social development and will have a relative clear direction of developing their future research and career.

    In the second year, students will have the chance to solve a real problem in different places either on off campus under the lead of professors and off campus mentors including CEOS, government officials, social workers, teachers and staffs from different types of works, etc. In this year, students will know what will happen from an idea to a practice, the difficulties they will meet and how to solve these problems and make your idea come into practice.

    In the third year, students will start their major study, and will deeply combine their major with the social problems they discovered in the first two years, and will be find out a plan on how to solve the problems with his/her major and what support they need from other fields to find their team partners.

    In the fourth year, student will practice their plan of the third year to solve the social problems and finish their innovative creation before graduation.



    Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

    Arts and Culture


      DKU’s founders have made art an integral part of the university’s beautifully designed, state-of-the-art campus, as well as its educational environment. Art is an essential element of an education designed to empower individuals to confront society’s most critical challenges creatively, with an open mind and a strong sense of values and ethics.


      The DKU Art Project attracts artists from China and abroad who are interested in displaying their work within the liberal arts environment of DKU, and who believe that art, like education, is an important bridge for cross-cultural conversations. The DKU Art Project encourages artists to share their vision and talent by creating, donating or exhibiting artwork on DKU campus, thus shaping DKU’s dynamic and innovative culture.


      in 1999, she returned to China to focus on landscape painting at the National Painting Academy of China, and painting of flowers and birds at Shanghai Chinese Painting Academy.

      In her art, Zhou Qian fuses her Eastern heritage harmoniously with Western training, having developed a style that blends the vibrant colors of oil painting with calligraphic strokes. This creates a fresh and unique interpretation of Chinese philosophy and symbolism. She paints landscapes of traditional Chinese compositions using impressionist, symbolist or surrealist color techniques.

      In 2012, one of Zhou Qian’s paintings “South China View” was presented by Mr. Yang Jiechi, then China Foreign Affairs Minister as a national gift to India’s Foreign Affairs Minister Mr. S.M. Krishna at the People’s Hall in Beijing. In 2013, her own art exhibition “From Paris to Shanghai” opened at Montparnasse Museum, Paris.

      Excited by DKU’s vision to bring America’s most innovative educational offerings to China and make an impact on future leaders in China and in the world, she donated a series of works “The Life of Blooming,” to Duke Kunshan University in fall 2014. In 2016, her series of works “Five Elements” was included as permanent collection of Denver Art Museum, US.


      Creative @ Duke Kunshan is initiated by the Student Activities Team in Student Affairs at Duke Kunshan University (DKU), where arts and culture play an important role in the student community. It aims to create a creative environment for the students to explore the meaning of life through various forms of art by offering guest lectures, workshops, performances and more, with an emphasis on students’ aesthetic development as well as wellbeing. The project will contain a series of events & activities throughout the academic year. DKU is also looking to involve the Kunshan community with Arts at the university. This will be done by providing a wide range of programming that focuses on the student body and the Kunshan city community.

      Check out Duke Kunshan Engage for more art events and activities!