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Peer Advisors

Global Learning Semester (GLS) Peer Advisors are students who have joined the GLS and are willing to share their experience to other students at their home institution around the world. If you would like to speak with any of the peer advisors, please contact us.

Our Peer Advisors from:

Beijing Foreign Studies University

Guannan Zhang
Class 2015 Spring

Here at Duke Kunshan University, you will find yourself embracing so many new elements of learning and life – the acquisition of knowledge, respect for every member of the DKU community, the sparks produced by the collision of ideas, new and exciting experiences, and the feeling that it is so hard to say goodbye.

Ni Bingxin
Class 2014 Fall

Choosing to study at DKU for a semester was definitely one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. The courses were both intense and enlightening thanks to the amazing professors from Duke. The student life staff were also wonderful and helped make my life as colorful as possible. Festivals, parties, movies, outings, fitness classes…you name it. Not to mention my lovely fellow DKUers from all over the world. They were the best. During the fascinating four months, DKU offered me some things that will last for a lifetime: a global perspective, a multi-disciplinary academic experience, and friendship. I was very glad to be able to contribute something to this big family in which I learned so much and had so much fun.

Quning Chen
Class 2014 Fall

I've always wanted my life to be colorful, which is why I came to DKU. It was amazing. I had access to an incredible amount of resources – the Duke library, a free VPN – and had the opportunity to take classes outside of my major. Most importantly, I met people from all over the world and was fascinated by their cultures and life experiences. 

Class 2014 Fall

Time at DKU flies. For the first time in my life I was able to forget everything else and just indulge in my academic courses. My excellent classmates and professors encouraged me to dig deeper into the politics of Washington and observe the cooperation between non-governmental organizations from a global health perspective. I was able to witness the beginnings of a great university and my internship was like being a part of family where we grew up together.

Beijing Normal University

Xuebei Tan
Class 2015 Spring

DKU provided me with a priceless opportunity to learn about education in the US, and I think this is significant for students who are considering further education abroad. Before attending this program, I’d only heard from friends about how classes were taught but in the four months here at DKU, I learned how to prepare for lectures and to make better use of opportunities to talk with our wonderful professors. It was the same with learning to make international friends and learn their culture. Quite simply, after attending this program at DKU, I am better prepared for studying abroad.

Chongqing Medical University

Tong Wen
Class 2014 Fall

I’m from Chongqing, a beautiful mountain city. I was a senior in Chongqing Medical University, majoring in preventive medicine. During my four months at DKU I was really impressed by the teachers’ passion for knowledge and truth which inspired me to explore my field of study more.  Also, I met so many lovely and intelligent classmates at DKU, all of whom enriched my life and made it colorful. 

Fudan University

Hongbo Chen
Class 2014 Fall

I was a pharmacy major at Fudan University and was attracted to DKU’s courses and professors. My experience far exceeded my expectations and was the most meaningful and helpful semester of my undergraduate study. The classroom experience was very American with students driving the conversation in class through questions. However, classes were just a small part of the course. The activities – yoga, ping-pong and movies – were enriching and the precious friendships I made during my time at DKU were the most important thing for me.

Class 2014 Fall

I’m originally from Heilongjiang and studied at Fudan University. During my four months at DKU, I had  the time of my life. We had lectures every week, field trips, opportunities to talk with many of our teachers during office hours, and everyone helped each other.

Hunan University

Wentao Chen
Class 2014 Fall

I was pursuing a bachelor’s degree in accounting at Hunan University when I joined GLS for the fall 2014 semester. I was also a Resident Assistant, planning and organizing a multitude of successful events that combined features of both eastern and western cultures. One of my most unforgettable experiences was observing the world through the perspectives of different people with different cultural backgrounds – not just my peers but also the faculty and employees. I’m proud to have been a part of this new institution. 

Nanchang University

Zhaoyi Li
Class 2015 Spring

The memory of my 15 weeks at DKU is to be cherished. Each professor was like a mobile library, providing complete access to the Western, three-dimensional teaching mode. At the same time, it was an opportunity to study among the world’s elite, enjoying colorful activities and building deep friendships. Duke Kunshan University hosts international forums and other high caliber events that provide exposure to countless industry leaders, greatly expanding our perspectives. No matter what you study at DKU, you will never forget this wonderful place.

Zhiwei Ai
Class 2015 Spring

DKU was like a wonderland to me. Friendships, knowledge and diverse experiences were precious gifts I received through the GLS program. At DKU, it’s easy to make new friends because the students are easygoing and open-minded. Once you become friends, you will be extremely close friends! I was quite impressed by our prominent, versatile professors. In the last class of Medical Anthropology, our professor, Allan Burns, adapted lyrics of a Beatles song to summarize the course, and taught it to us with his guitar as accompaniment. From our professors, I acquired not only knowledge but also an exquisite attitude toward life. This, together with many enriching experiences such as internships, field trips and volunteer positions, makes DKU a place where anything is possible.

Class 2014 Fall

I'm from Tianjin and majored in Chinese Language and Literature at Nanchang University. My four months at DKU was like a dream. Through DKU I got a chance to meet professors from Duke, make friends with students from all over the world, and experience a western model of education. GLS truly has a global perspective. Saying goodbye to my new friends after four months was very difficult.

Duan Zhao
Class 2014 Fall

I was a sophomore in Nanchang University, majoring in biology, and originally from Dalian. I love English calligraphy and natural science, and enjoy doing experiments in the laboratory. Applying for DKU was the wisest decision I’ve made.  I gained knowledge, developed friendships and happiness, and learned the differences between Chinese and American universities. I was charmed by he mix of cultures at the university.

Yuyi Zhou
Class 2014 Fall

My major was English-Chinese translation. I believe that every language stands for a culture and culture is too powerful to be ignored.  When I was in DKU,I really experienced a different culture, an international learning semester with students from different continents who speak different languages.

The professors taught in a Western way which allowed us to put ourselves in the world of Homer and the Iliad during our Greek Civilization course where we fell in love with ancient Greek literature.

Nanjing Medical University

Zixian Pan
Class 2015 Spring

A semester learning at DKU turns out to be a period of unforgettable experience. I met outstanding friends from top universities and spent wonderful time with them. At DKU, you can become the person you want to be, with opportunities to start a student club, organize collective activities, or do part-time intern work on campus. The learning experience is completely different from the Chinese style, calling on us to read, do research, discuss and present ideas. It can be challenging at first but the effort definitely pays off. I feel proud and lucky to be a member of the DKU community.

Yuchen Tang (Mike)
Class 2014 Fall

My semester at DKU was a totally different experience compared to my home university. As one of the 70+ students from all over the world, I had a chance to learn things from different perspectives. We had classmates from India, China, US, Singapore, Kenya.  The diversity made classes challenging in terms of collaboration. The high quality of the teaching really was beyond my expectations and the professors all had great academic reputations and friendly personalities. I believe my four months at DKU was a really special experience and helped change my path for the future. 

Nanjing University

Rachel Zhu
Class 2014 Fall

I was a senior from Nanjing University, majoring in chemistry. Before I came to DKU, I was apprehensive because it was a new school but found that everything was great. The teachers were really helpful and accessible because we lived in the same building. The staff and faculty paid attention to all of the students. During office hours, we talked about career planning and the advice I received gave me a new perspective on education and life. I really appreciated the opportunity and recommend the program. 

Jie Li
Class 2014 Fall

DKU changed me. Before the GLS program my English was poor and I didn’t have much confidence when speaking. While at DKU I had the chance to improve my English and express myself. The program made me much more confident in my skills. Now, I’m not afraid of English!

After leaving the program I missed my classmates, my professors and the staff, and I hope to bump into them while walking around my own university. Thanks DKU!

Kevin Chen
Class 2014 Fall

I majored in environmental sciences at Nanjing University and will deeply remember my semester at Duke University: the excellent facilities, an advanced education philosophy, strong teachers, a variety of activities, and a colorful campus culture. I promise that you will love this splendid university beyond a doubt. 

Nankai University

Meijing Qin
Class 2015 Spring

At DKU, I had the opportunity to participate in the Duke International Finance Forum and to interact with some of the most active minds in the world. DKU provided us with a broad platform to learn, to participate and to grow. In class, we not only gained knowledge but also discussed and analyzed international issues, trying to find the reasons behind them and exploring possible solutions. The interactive teaching style at DKU taught me how to analyze problems, an invaluable skill I will take with me through life.

EFL writing and other classes taught in English will definitely improve your language skills and you will make friends with classmates from all over the country that attend China’s top universities and in other parts of the world.

Lynn Chou
Class 2014 Fall

The campus is amazing! Elegant buildings surrounded by water. Activities are all free and awesome: ice cream night, pizza party, and trips to Zhouzhuang and Nanjing. Professors exceed expectations, with Dr. Hare teaching Cognitive Evolution in a new way and Dr. Johnson transporting you back thousands of years to the world of ancient Greece.

EFL writing and other classes taught in English will definitely improve your language skills and you will make friends with classmates from all over the country that attend China’s top universities and in other parts of the world.

Jiali Huang
Class 2014 Fall

My exchange experience at Duke Kunshan University far exceeded my expectation and was the most meaningful and wonderful semester in my undergraduate studies. My time at DKU convinced me that when choosing exchange schools, foreign schools are not our only choice. DKU combines the advantages of American and Chinese educational styles with excellent facilities, students from China, America, India, and other countries, and a structure that places the interests of students first. DKU’s style of education emphasizes discussion and exploration and with such a valuable experience I believe that DKU  provides a bridge between the two systems. 

Peking University

Chunyan Li
Class 2014 Fall

DKU lets you experience the American academic style and also feel at home. The university has succeeded in shaping students from different backgrounds into global citizens. It works as a staging ground for us to think creatively, behave appropriately, and welcome different opinions. Learning globally means a better future and DKU is working towards this goal.

Ted Tao
Class 2014 Fall

I’m studying preventive medicine in Peking University and have been to Taiwan, Seoul, and Brisbane to study their health care systems and talk with medical students. These cross-cultural experiences really inspire me, and that’s why I chose to join the Duke University Global Learning Semester. I was challenged by the intensive courses but, more importantly, I had many inspiring conversations and developed strong friendships with great classmates. I’m proud to say DKU has been the most wonderful experience of my life.

Shanghai International Studies University

Arabella Sun
Class 2014 Fall

I majored in English literature and language at Shanghai International Studies University and was in the 2014 fall semester of the GLS. I was deeply impressed by the professors, classrooms, dormitories, and student life at DKU. Above all, DKU provided a unique cross-cultural experience, with classmates from all over the world. This diversity taught me how to have an international view and truly respect and understand others. 

Sichuan University

Yuqing Huang
Class 2015 Spring

I feel so lucky to be chosen from Sichuan University as an exchange student for nearly four months at Duke Kunshan University. While majoring in Information Security, I was able to really broaden my horizons, having an experience that exceeded my expectations. DKU draws on a number of different education methods, and the professors place great value on students’ creativity, ability to lead, and to study independently. We shared in group discussions, presentations and even performances, and I deeply appreciate their inspiration and patience. The time I spent at DKU was one of the most valuable and precious memories of my life.

Meredith Li
Class 2014 Fall

I am keenly aware of people’s strong desire to become multilingual and their frustration trying to achieve this goal. I am determined to help by becoming a teacher myself and Duke Kunshan University provided me with an opportunity to take classes from extraordinary teachers and professors who are leaders in their fields. Small class sizes, guest lecturers and live teleconferences with international experts make DKU unparalleled throughout China. Professors offered helpful suggestions to prepare for graduate school and Edie Allen, my EFL instructor, gave me useful advice for pursuing meaningful professions. 

Jingyu Guan
Class 2014 Fall

I was part of the first group of students at DKU and chose the Global Learning Semester not just based on the prestige of Duke University and the attractive courses, such as cognitive evolution, new energy and environmental topics but also for the challenge of being a pioneer at a brand new university. It was a fantastic experience where I made new friends, learned more about cultural diversity, gained more knowledge about the West, and environmental issues. DKU is waiting for innovators! 

Sun Yat-sen University

Jiahao Lu
Class 2015 Spring

As a public relations major from Sun Yat-sen University, I had a thoroughly memorable time at DKU. I saw the glamour of diversity, learned the attitude of optimism, felt the essence of edutainment, and understood the power of friendships and dreams. At DKU, students choose from a variety of interdisciplinary courses that spark your curiosity and develop your critical thinking skills. This program is ideal if you want to thrive on engagement with the wealth of cultural differences from around the world. Welcome to DKU!

Eric Fang
Class 2014 Fall

As part of the first group of students, I was a bit apprehensive at the beginning of my semester at DKU. However, that feeling quickly passed and I was surprised at how well run everything was even during its first year. Duke University’s heritage and several years of preparation were the foundation for a world-class education and a diverse cultural environment. The professors were engaging and the university offered a safe place to learn. It is what a university should be. 

Tsinghua University

Yanfang Li
Class 2014 Fall

In four months the experience at DKU opened a new chapter in my life. 

Wuhan University

Xintong Li
Class 2015 Spring

For me, DKU is not merely a school but more like a family where we help and support one another. The small class sizes allow us to have deeper discussions and more collaboration with the professors, along with our classmates. It’s a challenging program that spurs us to finish the reading materials and meet deadlines, with results that are well worth the effort. As a student majoring in global health, I found the excellent faculty at DKU gave me the opportunity to develop a better understanding of global health issues, inspiring me to further study in this dynamic field.

Ting Zhang
Class 2015 Spring

Going to DKU was one of the best decisions I’ve made. I was the intern of the undergraduate academic office and undergraduate chair of DKU-Kunshan Student Ambassador Council(KSAC), which is an international network of students linking DKU, Duke Univesity, and Wuhan University. These experiences taught me to constantly challenge myself and better myself. Not only did I learn academically but I also established great friendships and improved my ways of thinking. Even though it was only one semester, my time at DKU was quite rewarding.

Wenting Huang
Class 2014 Fall

As a senior at Wuhan University and an inaugural undergraduate student at Duke Kunshan University I experienced various courses and extra curricular activities that inspired me to continue studying global health. We not only spent time learning about global health issues in class but also had lots of discussions and debates after class with professors and students. The students gave diverse perspectives on an issue based on their different backgrounds which helped me build up my critical thinking skills and see an issue from multiple angles.

Fu Duanling
Class 2014 Fall

I had the privilege of going to Duke University to attend the 2013 Duke-UNC China Leadership Summit and was amazed and impressed by Duke. For this reason I chose to attend the GLS program.  DKU offers a great platform for intercultural communication and the engagement I’ve had with peers from different backgrounds at DKU will benefit me for a very long time to come. My exchange experience at DKU led me to accept an offer from Yenching Academy at Peking University, a new international program just like DKU. 

Class 2014 Fall

I was a junior at the Public Health School of Wuhan University when I did my exchange at DKU. On the academic side I learned a lot about global health that was related to my major and bonded with instructors and friends. In my daily life the number of activities enriched my experience and I’m now studying photography because of my time at DKU. 

Zhejiang University

Hongxun Hui
Class 2014 Fall

I was an electrical engineering major at Zhejiang University. My experience at DKU broadened my horizons. I made friends with so many wonderful people from all over the world and was looked after by the professors. Coming here was the wisest decision I made during my college life.