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Update for DKU staff on domestic travel

All DKU staff received the following message on email on June 23.

Dear colleagues,

As we prepare to mark the annual Dragon Boat Festival starting June 25, traditionally a time for vacations and sightseeing, we would like to update you on Duke Kunshan University’s requirements for those planning to travel outside Jiangsu province and the Shanghai municipality.

As you may know, Beijing and several other areas in China have reported new Covid-19 cases in June. Chinese Health authorities have been quick to arrest the situation and reassure the population; however, as a community, we must remain vigilant to prevent any further spread of the virus. 

With this in mind, we strongly advise staff and faculty now working on campus to avoid all non-essential travel outside of the Jiangsu/Shanghai area until further notice.

According to the Dragon Boat Festival plan shared by DKU HR, the public holiday runs June 25 to 27 (Sunday June 28 is a workday). If you intend to leave the area during this period, or later, please take careful note of the following instructions.

Authorization to Travel

Before leaving the Jiangsu/Shanghai area for a business trip or vacation, please secure approval from the DKU Emergency Preparedness Task Force.

Staff should continue to apply for leave using the ADP system. However, as an increased safety precaution, staff and faculty are required to provide the following information before traveling to Christy Wang, director of the Chancellors Office: Your name, Net ID, contact number, purposes of the trip, destination, date of outbound travel, and the date you intend to return to Jiangsu/Shanghai.

Be aware that staff who leave the Jiangsu/Shanghai area without first receiving authorization from the DKU Emergency Preparedness Task Force may face disciplinary action.

Returning to Campus

Staff and faculty who travel outside Jiangsu/Shanghai will need to produce a negative nucleic test in order to re-gain access to campus. We have attached a list of the Covid-19 test centers in Kunshan and Suzhou to this email.

You will be responsible for visiting a test center at your earliest opportunity after re-entering the area, and you will need to stay home while waiting for the results, which currently can take one to three days. Staff will be required to use annual leave or comp time to cover this period.

After hopefully receiving a negative test result, you will be able to reactivate your campus access by sending a scan or photo of the test to Christy Wang and Roger Fan, Director of Operations.

The safety and security of the DKU community remains our highest priority. If you have questions about the requirements laid out in this message or other measures the university is taking to protect its staff, students and faculty, please email the Chancellors Office.

Thank you for you continued patience and support. We wish you and your loved ones a happy and healthy Dragon Boat Festival.

Best regards,

Chancellor Youmei Feng
Executive Vice Chancellor Denis Simon
DKU Emergency Preparedness Task Force