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Art in Global China

例如: 2020/12/02
例如: 2020/12/02
02/23 - 02/24
Water Pavilion


This event provides up-to-date knowledge about salient themes in contemporary Chinese art, including the making of institutions and the autonomy of art. Historically, in Western Europe and North America in the early Twentieth Century, the autonomy of art has coincided with the institutional efforts of art criticism and art history. Unlike the west, China does not have a long tradition of publicly- and privately-funded institutions to enclose art. This event reflects on an unresolved tension between art and the institutional enclosure of it. This project brings together students, researchers, practitioners in responding to the need of redefining the contemporary Chinese art scene.


Feb 23, Saturday

11:00-12:30: A Museum of Hybridity

By Professor Eva Man, Director of Film Academy and Chair Professor, Hong Kong Baptist University

Lunch Break: Savory snacks provided

13:30-14:30: Photobooks: Image of Images

By Haoyang Zhao, Photographer, MFA from Duke University

15:00-18:30: Catching Lights and Shadows

Guest reviewing DKU student-submitted works (with light reception)

Feb 24, Sunday

11:00-13:00: Photography Workshop in Editing Workflow

Lunch Break: Lunch Provided

14:00-17:00: Cyanotype Impression: How to Create a Blue Print

$100 will be awarded to the best short-film inspired by the event.

For more information, please contact: Kali Hailegiorgis